Thinking Of Studying in Singapore?
Singapore, as being one of the leading countries in the world in terms of research and innovation, is also a very popular education hub today. What is striking about this destination is that it is not only home to some of the best universities but also offer an excellent quality of life for a diverse student community. The courses are designed to offer a unique learning experience to students, who are exposed to the practical scenarios through their theoretical knowledge. The highly cosmopolitan atmosphere if Singapore furthers makes it a great study abroad destinations for students from India as well as the rest of the world who are opting to study in Singapore. 
What Are The Top Universities In Singapore? 
Singapore’s higher education structure has a combination of state-funded public universities and polytechnics. The latter is meant to train professionals with technological and economic knowledge to contribute to the country’s growing economy. The well-known polytechnics include Nanyang Polytechnic University, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic. As for universities, following are some of the most recognized ones in not just Singapore but the entire world, which you can choose with the help of 
the Singapore study consultancy services. 
• East Asia Institute of Management 
• Raffles Design Institute 
• James Cook University- Singapore 
• Singapore Institute of Management 
• Amity Global Business School, Singapore 
• SMU – Singapore Management University 
10 Reasons To Study In Singapore 
1. High Standard of Education 
Singapore is now the host of two universities ranked in the top 15 in the world and two in the top 3 in Asia, according to the QS World University Rankings 2016. The universities in Singapore are recognized particularly for their technology and engineering courses, as well as those in natural sciences. Singapore is considered to be one of the leading educational nations in Asia. 
2. The Employment Opportunities 
Singapore’s strong economy, resulting from its strong industrial focus, means that there are a number of employment prospects for graduates. In 2016 the unemployment rate sat at a mere 2.2% and with many organizations offering graduate programs, there is bound to be plenty of opportunities available. 
3. Education Grants 
All international students are eligible to receive a grant for their tuition fees, which the amount varying depending on the course and institution. You do not have to pay these fees back, but instead, students are required to stay in Singapore and work for a minimum of three years, again, depending on the course. 
4. Immersion into the Asian Century 
With Asian countries set to dominate innovation and technological advancements in the coming years, what better way to get a head start in the new era of development than by studying in what has become one of the most competitive economies in the world. The Asian Century has in part been led by the growth of India, but Singapore is predicted to play a key role in the future, so a degree from one of its’ top universities will no doubt be incredibly beneficial. 
5. Global Educational Focus 
There is strong collaboration between universities in Singapore and others around the world. These partnerships will mean that as a student you are given an enormous range of opportunities and as a result, your studies can truly be a global experience. 
6. The Bilingual Education Policy 
A strength of Singapore’s education system is its bilingual policy. The curriculum is in English but also incorporates Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin into its teachings, which emerged with the aim of giving students an advantage as multilingual professionals capable of navigating a globalized world. 
7. Reasonable Affordability 
While it is true that amongst the majority of the countries in Asia Singapore is one of the most expensive to live in, it is still relatively comparable to other popular study destinations, like the USA and UK. With the tuition grants available to international students, Singapore is one of the most economic study abroad options you can make. 
8. The Gateway to South- East Asia 
Studying and living in Singapore will mean you will be in close proximity to numerous other countries, which means both you can experience both a culturally rich and cheap trip to some the beautiful countries located just around the corner. 
9. Multicultural 
Just as Singapore is located close to the hub of south- east Asia, Singapore itself is a multicultural and diverse island nation. People living, studying and working in Singapore have originated from all over the world and as a result, the country is the collection of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and religions. This incredible diversity functions in harmony, as the nation is relatively free from conflict. 
10. Close to Home 
Studying abroad is very difficult for many people, as it often means moving to another side of the world, away from home, friends, and family. Singapore, in comparison with the US or Australia for example, is very close to India and with an Indian population of nearly 10%, living in Singapore won’t feel very far away from home at all! 
What Are The Popular Courses & Scholarship Opportunities In Singapore? 
The universities and institutes in Singapore conduct Singapore study programs in a wide variety of subjects. However, with quite a few international banks in the country, Finance and Economics is an emerging sector, recruiting several candidates each year. Alongside, following are some of the courses that you can opt for while studying in Singapore: 
Singapore Study Programs 
• Management 
• Information Technology 
• Finance 
• Accounting 
• Hospitality 
• Engineering 
• Design 
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