Why Choose Study in Italy?
The most striking aspect of studying in Italy is that you get to find yourself in some of the oldest universities in the world, built in the 12th century. Apart from these universities and institutions, Italy boasts of flexible higher education structure, allowing students to take part in online courses, distance learning courses as well as classroom courses in the academic institutions. Further, Italian universities are particularly known for unconventional and high in demand programs like design, architecture and fashion. The faculty is equally top-rated bringing in some of the best researchers and professionals from around the world. Overall, Italy is a dream study destination that hundreds of students from far and wide intend to study in Italy. 
What Are The Top Universities In Italy? 
Italy is home to quite a few world ranking universities in the world. Whether you are enrolling in a Bachelor’s program, Master’s program or PhD degree, you can choose from a range of institutions and universities that welcome international students. The University of Bologna needs special mention because it is considered to be the first higher education institute that was developed back in 1088, even before the term ‘university’ came into existence. Following are some of the recognized universities in Italy, worth exploring with the help of the Italy study consultancy services. 
 International School for Advanced Studies 
 LiberoIstitutoUniversitario Carlo Cattaneo 
 Perugia University 
 Politecnico de Milano 
 Politecnico di Milano 
 Politecnico di Torino 
 ScuolaNormaleSuperiore 
 ScuolaSuperiore di StudiUniversitari e di PerfezionamentoSant'Anna 
 Universitdeglistudi di Brescia 
 UniversitadegliStudi di Bologna 
 UniversitaG.d'Annunzio 
 Universita di Cagliari 
 Universita' degliStudi di Pavia 
 University Institute of Architecture 
 University of Catania 
 University of L'Aquila 
 University of Milano 
 University of Modena 
 University of Padua 
 University of Palermo 
 University of Parma 
 University of Pisa 
 University of Trieste 
 University of Udine 
 University of Venice 
What Are The Popular Courses & Scholarship Opportunities In Italy? 
Students in Italy can choose from a wide range of courses with Arts and Fashion being at the forefront. The other areas and disciplines include: 
Italy Study Programs 
• Business Studies 
• Mathematics 
• Sciences 
• Design 
• Humanities 
• Management 
• Applied Sciences 
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