Thinking Of Studying In Germany?
One of the biggest countries among the European Nations, Germany has been economically strong enough to consistently uphold the value of Euro. When it comes to education, it is a merge of engineering and technology with arts, culture and entertainment that makes the country such a promising study abroad destination. The education system of Germany, over the years, has produced talents in each industry and domain and hence, the craze to study in Germany. Emphasis is laid as much on research, development and practical exposure as on theoretical aspects. Today, the country is welcoming international students from far and wide, promising them with accessible, affordable and high-quality education. If you are looking for education that truly pays off in future, Germany is the certainly the place to be. 
What Are The Top Universities In Germany? Germany is considered among the top 5 popular study abroad destinations in the world. The fields and subjects in which the courses are conducted are equally huge and diverse. The faculty comprises some of the best professionals and researchers from each field. Studies in the cultural heritage and history of Germany are given a lot of value. Almost every city of Germany has a university that features in the list of the most recognized universities of the world. Following are a few among them: 
• Ruprecht-Karis-Universitat Heidelberg 
• FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences 
• Ludwig-MaximilliansUniversitatMunchen 
• TechnischeUniversitatMunchen 
• EIIE EURASIA Institute 
• InternationaleHochschule Bad Honnef Bonn (IUBH) 
What Are The Popular Courses & Scholarship Opportunities In Germany? 
The German universities and institutes conduct courses in a wide variety of subjects, thereby, offering students with many different options to choose from. As a pioneer in Science, Engineering and Technology, the country has the following popular courses to offer, which you can choose with the help of the German education consultants: 
Germany Study Programs 
• Mechanical, Structural & Chemical Engineering 
• Entrepreneurship & Technology 
• Computer Sciences and Information Systems 
• Renewable Energy 
• Biological Sciences 
• Physical Sciences 
The chemical and automotive engineering sector in the country has been consistently growing. It employees about 3 million resources and generates a revenue of over Euro 900 billion. Thus, studying engineering and technology in Germany can be a rewarding career prospect too for students. 
To welcome international students, the German universities offer quite a few scholarship programs. The major intakes take place during September every year though the application should ideally start 8-12 months prior to the initialization of the process. We help students choose the suitable scholarship program and guide them thoroughly in obtaining one. 
List Of Documents Required Required To Study In Germany 
 Evidence of English Language proficiency e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 
 Standardised Tests e.g. GMAT, GRE (where necessary for the programme) 
 Two academic references 
 Two references from employers (where applicable) 
 Passport sized photographs 
 Statement of Purpose (SOP) 
 Resume/CV 
 Draft for application fees, if applicable 
 Portfolio (for Art, Design & Architecture programme) 
 Other Certificates & Achievements of Extracurricular Activities 
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