Thinking Of Studying in China?
As an aspiring student, looking forward to enrolling in a foreign university, you can come across various options available for you. However, what a student precisely wants from global education opportunities vary from person to person. The first basic decision should be around the country and where you would like to pursue your higher studies. Gone are the days when UK and the US would be the only hubs of quality education. Today, China is a leading education provider to students from all over the world, offering excellent China study programs. Here is a detailed discussion about why China can be an ideal country for your educational needs along with everything you need to know about studying in this amazing country. 
Why Choose Study In China? 
China has gradually made its place among the top study abroad destinations for international students. Thanks to its advancement and vibrant culture, China has several universities and institutes conducting a wide range of degree and non-degree courses in various fields of study. Students planning to study in China must develop proficiency in the language because knowing Chinese is essential in being a global corporate employee in a world, largely led by China. A lack of skilled resources has made China focus more on education thereby, signing agreements for mutual recognition of academic qualifications with countries like US, Britain, France and many more. Accordingly, the number of colleges and universities has increased in leaps and bounds. The Chinese government is all driven to offer more than 50,000 scholarships with the ultimate aim of attracting 500,000 overseas students in the next 2 years. Thus, with all the facts and stats, China is surely a country worth studying in. 
What Are The Top Universities In China? 
Today, China has about 25 globally recognized universities conducting courses in a wide arena of subjects and broad fields. Some of these have high rankings when compared to the universities and institutes spread all over the world. The prominent ones, which you should consider with the help of the China study consultancy services, include: 
• Peking University (Ranked 37 in the world for biological sciences) 
• Tsinghua University (14th in the list of top Asian universities) 
• The Chinese University of Hong Kong (6th in the list of renowned Asian universities) 
• Fudan University 
• Shanghai Jiao Tong University 
• Zhejiang University 
• University of Science and Technology of China 
• Nanjing University 
• Xian Jiao Tong University 
Apart from these, there are various other modern institutes in China that offer quality education and that too, at affordable education costs. 
China Study Programs 
What Are The Popular Courses To Study In China? 
While most of the Chinese universities offer courses in all basic areas of study like Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology and so on, there are few emerging sectors in China. These are also the sectors that acutely lack the availability of competent resources. This shortage of resources poses problem all the more because China operates in a number of countries. Consequently, the courses are designed in a way to meet the growing requirement of potential candidates in the following fields: 
China Study Programs 
• Top Class Information Technology 
• Manufacturing of Advanced Equipments 
• New materials 
• Biotechnology 
• Energy vehicles 
• Research of New Energy sources 
• Environmental and Energy Technologies 
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