United Kingdom is a majestic place to live, work and explore. A globally influential centre of culture and finance, UK is also the site of neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman spa and centuries-old veteran universities at Cambridge and Oxford. Anyone planning to pay a short visit to the idyllic nation of United Kingdom to study, seek business opportunities, explore the historic locales or get a medical treatment must apply for a UK visitor visa. 
There are certain basic requirements that must be fulfilled by individuals in order to be considered for a UK Visitor visa:- 
• You shall leave the geographical boundaries of the UK at the end of your visit. 
• You have enough funds to support your stay in the nation without having to work or seek help from the public funds. 
• You will be able to pay for your return or journey onwards and any other costs associated with your visit. 
• You shall conduct business activities in the nation that are only allowed by the Visitor Rules. 
There are several types of Visitor Visa- 
• Business Visitor Visa 
• Child Visitor Visa 
• Family Visitor Visa 
• Student Visitor Visa 
• Tourist Visa 
• Parent of a Child at School Visa 
• Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa 
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