The Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program offers potential immigrants who are qualified in a skilled trade the opportunity to quickly become a permanent resident of Canada in an attempt to ensure that the country attracts and retains a skilled work force. The Canadian Government and Immigration Department developed the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) in 2013 in order to address the growing shortage of skilled workers in areas that were experiencing rapid growth due to the increasing strength of the economy. The Canada Federal Skilled Trade Program now operates through the Canadian Express Entry immigration selection system. The Federal Skilled Trades Program is only for prospective immigrants who wish to live and work in British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), Saskatchewan (SK), Manitoba (MB), Ontario (ON), New Brunswick (NB), Nova Scotia (NS), Prince Edward Island (PEI), Newfoundland (NL), or any of the Canadian territories. 
Eligibility Criteria- 
To qualify for the Skilled Trades Program an applicant must first be found eligible through various factors such as 
• Job Offer 
• Qualification 
• Language Proficiency 
• Work Experience 
Eligible Occupation Categories- 
• Industrial 
• Electrical and Constructions 
• Maintenance & Equipment Operations 
• Agriculture & Production 
• Processing 
• Transport 
• Manufacturing 
• Cooks & Chefs 
• Bakers & Butchers 
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